6 down, 94 to go

by Antony Chazapis

I have been off the radio waves for several months till recently, as I now got back transmitting as SV9/SV1OAN. Last August, I found a new job, which required moving to Crete.

Shack on July 1, 2015

I left my soldering iron and any ongoing electronics projects behind, but took all my radios with me, which now include an FT-897D, an FT-817ND, and two handhelds (a VX-8GE and an FT-60E). I did not know beforehand if I would have the opportunity to set up a base station, or would need the flexibility of a light-weight, portable radio for occasional activation of my callsign from SV9-land (IOTA reference number EU-015).

Settling in the new house and getting up to speed with the new work environment required a lengthy period of adjustment, even in such a familiar setting, as I have already lived in Heraklion for 5 years as a student. It was just a few weeks ago, when I finally got to draw two runs of RG-58 to the roof of the building and erect both a small V/U vertical antenna (a Diamond Χ-50) and a 20 m dipole. I am glad to say that I have already made my first 50 QSOs from 29 DXCC entities, 6 of which confirmed via LoTW. As a new challenge, I promised myself to go for a DXCC award as SV9/SV1OAN. It will be my first.