Better late than never

by Antony Chazapis

Almost a year after the 2013 RSGB IOTA Contest, and all 1062 QSL cards are ready. I delayed a bit designing the cards, but even after that, I had to wait about a month to get them back from printing. Our team photo is featured on the front, while the back lists our equipment and other details. The QSOs where printed on labels, using RUMlog. I tried several logging programs for Mac OS X. RUMlog has all the features, is easy to use, and can print multiple QSOs with the same callsign on a single label, which was a strong requirement. Moreover, it’s free.

QSL cards

After sticking on all the labels, I had to stamp the cards, note which ones were replies to QSL cards already received, and organize by country. That was about 2 days of work. Direct replies are already in the mail. All other cards will be delivered via RAAG‘s QSL Bureau.