Coming up next

by Antony Chazapis

I finished tidying up the desk yesterday. All parts I have been collecting for upcoming projects have been organised and put into plastic bins. The pipeline is always full, but its depth is very flexible. Whenever I come across something interesting, be it an opportunity at a hamfest, or a schematic on the Internet, I immediately make up a new slot and start sourcing parts. I guess this is the phase where planning for new projects runs at a higher pace than completing them. In this pile I see a high current power supply, along with a smaller, adjustable one, a signal generator, a simple receiver, an SDR transceiver, a buffer amplifier to get an IF output from my FT-897D, an audio amplifier using MOSFETs and a tube amplifier for my guitar. However, I would bet that coming up next is something completely different!

Part bins