Going mobile

by Antony Chazapis

Installing a Yaesu FT-8800E (European version of FT-8800R) in a 2009 VW Scirocco proved a very challenging task.

The Scirocco’s panels overlap each other, so I had to remove almost everything from back to front, in order to lay the cables (start from this, up to this, and finally the seat). Power is drawn from the main fuse box at the front left. I added another fuse and cable, as described here. All cables end up under the driver’s seat, where the radio’s body is installed. The body is screwed to an A5-sized piece of plywood, stuck with velcro on the floor. The head is placed next to the steering wheel (the image is a bit old – I have now permanently attached the head with a small, steel L bracket, using the screw that can be found on the top of the compartment under the light switch).

The coaxial cable (Diamond ECH-5) goes all the way to the back, sneaking out behind the rear left light, traveling alongside the rear door seal, to reach the antenna mount at the right side. This small mount (Diamond K-401) is the only one that would fit, as the rear spoiler prohibits placement at the top of the door and the side edges are mostly curved.